Instructions for maintenance, insertion and removal of night lenses

Impeccable hygiene and respect of the maintenance & handling instructions are essential for wearing lenses at night.


Instructions step by step

To avoid contamination, always wash and dry your hands thoroughly before putting on or removing your lenses.

In the evening, before installation, fill the lens with comfort drops or artificial tears without preservatives. A separate shade allows you to differentiate the right lens from the left lens: the purple shade corresponds to the right lens and the blue shade to the left lens.

In the morning, when you wake up, instill a few drops of comfort into the eye or artificial tears without preservatives, and wait 10 minutes before removing them.

Once the lenses have been removed, let them soak for at least 6 hours in an Hydrogene peroxyde solution: decontamination is essential to eliminate bacteria and ensure safe wearing.

Once a week, lenses should be deproteinized with enzyme tablets.

To deproteinize your lenses:


Place the lenses in the case baskets


Add a enzyme tablets in it


Soak your night lenses all day


Rinse your lenses and case thoroughly with saline solution before putting them back in your eyes

Night lenses : dos and don’ts


  • It is essential to respect the appointments planned by your practitioner, which are necessary for the control and monitoring of your adaptation.
  • The cleanliness of the case in which you keep your lenses must be impeccable: your case must be regularly cleaned according to the instructions of the products used for the care of the lenses and changed with each new bottle.
  • If you notice any symptoms (irritated eye, red, discomfort, watering), remove the lens and clean it. If the discomfort persists, consult your specialist.
  • For the safety and efficacy of the treatment, it is essential to renew the night lenses every year. This will prevent alteration of the material or geometry of the bespoke lens.
  • A lack of hygiene and non-compliance with maintenance, handling and operating instructions can lead to serious complications. We recommend that you carefully read the instructions and recommendations for use received upon receipt of your DRL® night lenses.


  • Do not clean your lenses or case with tap or mineral water.
  • Do not use your saliva or any household products for the care of your lenses: use only the products recommended by your specialist.
  • Do not change the brand of your maintenance product without consulting your specialist.

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