DRL® Team Sport: a team of athletes wearing night lenses

As part of the Precilens DRL® Team Sport, we support 4 top athletes equipped with DRL® night lenses. We will support them throughout the year so that they can train in the best conditions for the major 2024 events (qualifying for the Olympic Games, European Championships and World Cups). 



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20 years old · MOUNTAIN BIKE

World champion in 2021 in mixed relay, champion of France, Europe and U23 World in 2022 (Under 23 category), she will benefit, for the second consecutive year, from the Elite 2024 World Cup circuit for a qualification at the Olympic Games in Paris

Romain GHIO

22 years old · WINGFOIL

From 2020 to 2023, he prepared the Olympic Games in Paris in windsurf, then turned to the Wing Foil. Ranking 5th at the World Championships and 8th at the Pre-Olympic Week in Marseille, he is qualified for all 2024 World Cups, while continuing his engineering studies at INSA Lyon.


21 years old · VEIL 49ER- RX

U23 World Champions in 2023 (Under 23 category) and 4th in the 2023 World Cup and 3ᵉ at the u21 world championship in 2021 (Under 21 category) , they will try to qualify for the Olympic Games at the next world championships.

their opinions

What they think about DRL® lenses

Line has been a member of the French team since 2020 and trains at the Pôle France in Besançon, as well as the Team Pro «CANYON». She shares her feedback: 

  • Line, why do you wear night lenses?  « I suffer from hyperopia which is corrected either by corrective glasses or contact lenses. I needed to stop worrying about this type of equipment not only in my everyday life, but especially in the practice of my sport to feel freer to move. » 
  • How this type of lens is an advantage in your sport?  « Mountain biking is a demanding and somewhat brutal sport that is practiced in all weather conditions and on all types of grounds. I wear sunscreen or neutral glasses, but I was always afraid of getting mud, dust or just losing a lens in transitions and jumps. I no longer have these concerns and my vision is perfectly corrected. » 

Romain has been a member of the French team since 2021 and trains at the Pôle France in Marseille. Here is his experience: 

  • Are these night lenses an asset to you? « Absolutely! I became aware of this at the last 2023 European Championships. In the middle of the second race, I was perfectly positioned, but I lost one of my two lenses that correct my myopia. So, I ended «on one eye! », mid classified. It was not the first time in training or racing that I lost a lens before I learned about night lenses. I was used to wear contact lenses, so I quickly adapted to it. In the practice of my sport but also in amphitheater at school. » 

Clara and Manon form one of the 4 crews of the 49er in the colors of French youth team, of which they have been members since 2024. They also train at the Pôle France in Marseille. 

  • Clara, why did you choose night lenses? « Sailing and especially the sea do not mix well with contact lenses and even less with corrective glasses. We are soaked from head to toe, always marking our competitors, fine tuning our sails, refining our course, and especially perfectly identifying our buoys. Night lenses release this kind of stress to give us accurate vision. » 


  • What about you, Manon?  « I agree with Clara, even though I’m only one-eyed hyperope. No corrective glasses of course because of the splashes of sea water but I wore a single lens with always the risk of losing it. Night lenses have freed me from that fear. » 


Young and Confirmed athletes

Our commitment to high-level sport allows young and confirmed athletes to wear DRL® night lenses and practice their discipline freely. Whether in water sports, contact or endurance, wearing night lenses frees them from any equipment constraints.

Perrine GINDRE

22 YEARS OLD – Ski mountaineering

Perrine is a member of the French ski mountaineering team in the U23 category, 3 times Vice Champion of France U23 (Individual, Sprint) – 15th place in the World Cup in the Senior 4th U23 (under 23 category) on a World Cup in 2024.

« My daily lenses were a real constraint in my specialty. Faced with uncertainties of the weather, high winds, snow, I always feared to lose one. In accordance with my ophthalmologist, my optician in equipped me with DRL® night lenses. I took the plunge a few years ago, and I can’t live without it!»


16 years old – Basketball

Yanel plays at the back of the famous basketball club of Le Mans. He is a member of the pole hope and the team of France U17 (under 17).

« Wearing these night lenses brings me less stress during the day, more freedom and serenity no longer having to deal with disposable lenses, especially for recovery naps. No more risk of loss during my training or games. Everything is easier!  »     


38 years old – Canoe-Kayak

Carole followed a high-level sports course in different structures (Canoe-Kayak poles, France poles, France team). She holds dual Franco-Algerian nationality and will represent Algeria at the next Olympic Games in Paris.

« As a night lens wearer for about ten years, I switched to the DRL® model in 2019. These lenses gave me extra comfort and better hydration. I avoided laser surgery, which is not without risk, and opted for DRL night lenses, which enable me to see perfectly without any constraints. » 

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