Looking for DRL® night lenses?

Night lenses being medical devices, fitting must be prescribed by an ophthalmologist beforehand. As a result, upon receipt of your prescription, you can adapt your DRL® night lenses to the prescriber of your choice.

Therefore, to find out about the DRL® Expert (DRL® night lens prescribers) near you, please complete the form below:

What is a DRL® expert?

A DRL® Expert is a eyecare professional who can adapt DRL® night lenses to each type of wearer (myopic, hypermetropic, astigmatic, presbyope). As a rule, it is responsible for:

  • Ophthalmologist
  • Orthoptist
  • Optician/Optometrist (working on medical delegation)

As soon as your ophthalmologist prescribes your prescription, you can make an appointment at the adapter of your choice. Several adaptation appointments will be held to ensure that the DRL® orthokeratology lenses perfectly meet your visual needs. For more questions about night lenses, see our Frequently Asked Questions.

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