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Carole Bouzidi, member of the French single-seat Canoe Slalom team
2012 European Champion, 2014 World Champion Team Member

It's been three and a half years since I discovered night lenses and my daily comfort has greatly improved! I preferred to avoid an operation to correct my mild short-sightedness. Daily lenses were a bit awkward, and with my sport, always going away somewhere, sometimes it was complicated!! It took me a week to get used to handling them, I went to some regular check-ups with my ophthalmologist, and now I can’t live without them...


Véronique G. aged 42, shop manager

I am more than happy with my night lenses - I couldn’t tolerate either soft or rigid contact lenses, because they became uncomfortable after only a short time of wearing them. As I travel by scooter, no longer having to wear glasses under the helmet is very convenient, not to mention the fact that I’m also a keen runner, go swimming several times a week and also ride horses, so not having to have anything on my eyes any more is a real freedom for me!
These night lenses are comfortable and don’t affect my sleep at all.

Jonathan M. aged 28, accountant

I’ve been wearing night lenses for three years and adapting to them has gone very smoothly.
Before Ortho K, I wore soft lenses for four years when doing sports and then I tried out rigid lenses for six months, but I wasn’t happy with them (I experienced discomfort during the day: running eyes, dust, etc.)
Ortho K is really practical, because you don’t feel the lenses on your eyes during the night, and during the day you don’t have to wear anything on your eyes: no glasses, no lenses... it's a complete sense of freedom. The effects even last for 2 days if I forget to put in the lenses for one night.
I’m very happy with these and for me it’s a very good alternative to correcting short-sightedness with an operation.

Elise P. aged 20, medical student

I’ve been wearing night lenses for over a year now, and in practical terms, I never have to think about it. I put them in in the evening after brushing my teeth and take them out 20 minutes after I get up. In the beginning it was a bit strange, because after putting them in I could feel them when I blinked, but after 2 weeks I felt nothing at all! And now, I don’t even think about them. What I particularly like, is being able to do sports, swim with my eyes open and go out in the evening… At the beginning I was a bit concerned that it could take some time to adapt to them (because there are two to three appointments in the first weeks to check that the lenses are correcting properly), but they suited me right from the start and so every appointment was really fast!
I have the impression that this is a product that users and professionals are still not very aware of yet: but it’s clearly a solution that we should be interested in!

Julie W. aged 45, sales executive

I’ve been wearing night lenses for a year. Before that I wore glasses with progressive lenses. I have hyperopia and also early stage presbyopia. Last summer I would have had to buy a pair of progressive lens sunglasses to go on holiday. But, instead, I tried night lenses! This is a revolutionary correction system. My lenses are very comfortable and don’t prevent me from sleeping. After taking out my lenses in the morning, I can see clearly… and at all distances! I can read, work on the computer, or drive, without any constraints! And on holiday it’s brilliant to be able to do sports in complete freedom. Thank you to my health professional for suggesting this miracle solution to me!

Edith H, mother to Anna (aged 10)

My daughter has been short-sighted since birth and has worn glasses until she was 8 years old. Her myopia worsened every year until 2 years ago, when her ophthalmologist suggested night lenses to slow the progression of her myopia. After a little... a lot of apprehension, handling them was relatively simple and all my doubts disappeared when I saw the smile on Anna’s face when she could see very clearly without her glasses after the second night of wearing the lenses. She can play, take part in sports and swim in complete freedom. Her classmates all wanted to know by what miracle she was no longer wearing glasses. I of course revealed our secret to other parents...
Her myopia has not progressed for 2 years.