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How do I insert and remove night lenses?

For the insertion and removal of DRL night lenses, we invite you to follow the tips below and watch the videos:

• Insertion of DRL night lenses: just before going to bed:
Before inserting your lenses, fill them with drops of comfort solution, with a mirror flat on a table.

• Removal of night lenses: in the morning upon waking
Apply 2 drops of comfort solution and then wait 15 minutes before removing the lenses.

How do I care for night lenses?

Every morning, once your lenses have been removed, finger-massage them and soak them all day in a peroxide-based care solution.
Once a week, you must also carry out a deproteinization procedure.
For the insertion and removal of your lenses, use preservative-free, hyaluronic comfort drops.

Precilens recommends OXYClean solution, AQUADROP+ comfort drops, and Procare deproteinization tablets.

Recommendations for use of your night lenses:

- Carefully read the instructions and recommendations for use given by your practitioner.
View and download the leaflet
View and download the information and advice booklet on wearing lenses at night
- These night lenses are intended to be worn with your eyes closed: insert them just before going to sleep to avoid wearing them while reading or watching television before going to bed.
- Always keep your lenses with you in a case (in case of reduced vision).
- If you stop wearing the lenses for a week or more, do not wear them again and arrange an appointment with your practitioner.
- If you experience any problems, always seek advice from your practitioner.
- Do not keep your lenses in if you experience discomfort, if your eyes become irritated, red, or if the lens is damaged, and immediately arrange an appointment with your practitioner.
- Make sure that you attend the scheduled appointments with your practitioner, which are essential in the follow-up of your adaptation.
- For the safety and the efficiency of treatment, it is essential to renew your lenses every year in order to avoid an alteration of their material or their geometry.
The Precilens laboratory offers a preferential rate for a renewal within a year.